Boom Beach: Strategies for Success

The Basics of Your Battle

Knowing the fundamentals of the battle is very essential before you raid. Take a look at the strength & weaknesses of your troop. For instance, Heavies can withstand plenty of damage however they’ve lower DPS (Damage per Second) whereas Zookas have weak defense yet greater DPS.

Build & Upgrade Your Saw Mills & Residence

Boost your troops by gaining additional gold & wood resources with boom beach hack. Utilize them for creating saw mills as well as residences. You’ll discover that you’re receiving additional gold because you have more inhabitants. For balancing the residents & the saw mills, minimize the amount of trees that border your island area & trade gold for wood.

Create a Vault

It might seem expensive to develop your building without Boom Beach hack so you must be able to save as much resources as possible. Create a vault for putting your resources in it for shelter. It’ll secure a few of those which aren’t in it as well. It’s crucial that you build & advance your vault in the beginning before anyone attacks your base.

Receiving Free Gems

You have 2 methods for getting your free gems. The first one is by the arrival of the treasure chest onto the map, while the second is by finishing the levels. Many achievements don’t have as many gems, however there’s one in which you will be offered 300 Gems in case you are able to gain 200 points during the win.

Taking Out the Headquarter of Your Rival

For winning any war in the game, you simply need to destroy the Headquarter of your enemy. This is a major building of your enemy. Look to move straight towards it. Nevertheless, in case there’s any type of building, protecting it & making it difficult for you get rid of the headquarter, destroy that building without losing your troops.

Controlling the Resources

After attacking & winning a war in a new island, you offer the residents of that particular place liberty. This will help you increase your income as a return. Use all their resources & also charge them with tax since you’re protecting them.

Spy the Base of Your Rival before Attacking

If you don’t have a hack boom beach then you must have a strategy of attacking because this will ultimately decide if you will win the battle or not. Hence, we suggest you to spy on the base of your rival to know the right way to instruct your troops for winning the battle effortlessly.

Upgrading the Radar (easily possible with a Boom Beach Hack)

You’ll be required to do this right at the start of the game since it’ll allow for clearer vision. This way you will get additional money. In case you’ve lots of gold, then you could easily upgrade your radar by spending your gold.

Defense Plan

A gunboat have the ability to fire in between 2 assemblies & take them down. You can easily get the gunboat with Boom Beach Hack. Do not arrange defensive structures close to one another. Also, see if your rival has faulted in this. If yes, then fire your gunboat in their structures. Using a single shot, you can destroy both the structures.